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For the Health of Your Organization

Tiger's real-time network seamlessly connects members to their benefits and streamlines the healthcare experience for patients, payers, and providers in the process.


Fast & Efficient

One, multipurpose card allows members access to healthcare funds, including Flexible Spending Accounts (HAS), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Health Savings Accounts (HAS), and even an integrated line of credit and non-healthcare funds, such as dependent care and transit/parking. Healthcare information, including financial, administrative, and clinical data is exchanged and accessible through a secure, and safe infrastructure. And since everything is automated and updated in real time, healthcare employees no longer need to fill out and file labor-intensive documents by hand.


Tiger Can Help Your Organization:

  • Give members access to all benefits through one card.
  • Get real-time verification of an individual's coverage.
  • Reduce claim denials by verifying insurance benefits in real time at the point-of-care.
  • Streamline operations through electronic HIPAA-complaint claims submission.
  • Collect patient responsibility at the point-of-care through real-time and right-time claims solutions.