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Sell Online

Every day more and more customers are shopping online—giving companies unlimited opportunities to sell to consumers all around the world, and allowing brick and mortar stores to expand their reach and revenue. As the Internet continues to grow, change, and converge, the fact remains that half of all American households have never completed an online transaction. And fraud poses a significant threat to e-Commerce. Tiger has solutions that allow companies to do business online reliably and securely—no matter where your business is in the world, or in the virtual world.


Reach New Customers

 Phrases like “identity theft” and words like “fraud” make the Internet a scary place—especially for people who have never before shopped online. Tiger offers payment solutions that can keep customer data private, and ease customer fears of online identity theft, while permitting your business to capture greater revenue quickly and securely.


Ready-To-Go Shopping Carts

Tiger can get an e-Business of any size up and running in a matter of minutes  with simple-to-use systems that seamlessly integrate with your existing tools. Our secure online transaction solutions come complete with technical support, and can help you prevent fraud, as well as accept gift cards, partial payments, and capture valuable customer data.