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Expand Your Business

These days, no one keeps cash around the house or in the office. Tiger can help you expand your services to those who prefer to pay by credit card. Our wireless terminals are easy-to-use, they cost about as much as your cell phone, and they allow you and your employees to process the transactions electronically while you or your employees are still on the job. Since funds are automatically deposited, you receive the funds much faster. Tiger also offers Check Guarantee options on check acceptance, which reduces your risk of accepting a fraudulent check.


Lower Costs & Improve Cash Flow

Tiger can help you reduce the time it takes to process checks. And since the amount of returned checks are reduced, you'll have less hassles. With the nation's leading fraud protection tools, Tiger can also help you improve security.


Secure Funds Before Delivering Goods & Services

Leverage the power of credit card “preauthorization” to escrow funds on your customers' credit cards before performing services. Then, once the job is complete, simply “capture” the same funds and have them automatically deposited in your bank account. Doing so will dramatically reduce your accounts receivable balances and increase sales.

Expand Customer Base. Improve Cash Flow. Reduce Costs. All in a Day's Work.

If you never thought instantaneous acceptance of payments could happen while you were still on the job, then think again. Thanks to Tiger, you'll never again have to turn away a sale because you could not process a prospective customer's payment. Tiger can immediately make your payment processes cash-free. And by giving you and your employees the ability to accept credit cards, you can increase sales, improve cash flow, and expand your customer base.

Trade companies that partner with Tiger not only give their clients more options to pay, but they also reduce manual paperwork, and receive funds in a more expedient manner. Employees carry less cash. And detailed monthly statements make reporting a snap.