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High-Dollar Checks

With Tiger's Check Verification and conversion service, verifying and processing high-dollar checks is easier than ever. And when you verify funds prior to accepting high-dollar checks, you'll experience fewer bad checks, lower receivables, and improved cash flow.

Tiger can provide you with a single, easy-to-use terminal that will convert paper checks into electronic items at the point-of-sale, and automatically deposit funds into your bank account. And, the money will be in your account days earlier than traditional check deposits. Tiger's payment processing suite also enables you to accept credit and debit card transactions, and generate monthly reports. More importantly, our service is backed by one of the best customer support teams in the industry.


Accept Checks With Confidence

With funds verification at the time of sale, you'll never again have to deal with the headaches of an unpaid returned check. As a leader in the check services business, Tiger offers flexible check handling options, high approval rates, simple warranty procedures, and personalized service.


Serve More Customers

Tiger's Check Verification databases recognize 94% of all potential check writers. You'll benefit from better customer information, which translates into improved sales, fewer noncompliance items, lower costs, and improved cash flow.