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Financial Institutions


Optimized Credit & Debit Card Programs

From processing debit and credit cards, to ACH transactions, to Payroll Solutions, Tiger offers an entire line of card services and payment systems. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization in marketing our wide variety of products to your customers.


Increase Operational Efficiencies & Save Money

Whether you're looking to expand your customer service options, or offer check remittance and conversion products, Tiger features an exciting array of solutions that can empower your firm to help clients save time and money.


Decrease the Risk of Fraud

Protect yourself, your customers, and address new threats as they occur. Ask Tiger Payment Solutions about our unparalleled expertise in the areas of fraud detection, reduction, control, and risk prevention. propane company. And, failure to properly categorize your company can cost you thousands of dollars in extra processing fees.  Thanks to our experience, our fuel, oil, and propane customers benefit from processing rates below 1% on most transaction types.