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Waste Management


Low Cost Processing


Tiger delivers the lowest processing rates available by ensuring that its eligible customers qualify for the lowest interchange rates. There are few processors with the expertise to properly categorize a waste management company. And, failure to properly categorize your company can cost you thousands of dollars in extra processing fees. Thanks to our experience, our waste management customers benefit from processing rates below 1% on most transaction types.


First-Hand Experience


Partner with Tiger Payment Solutions, and leverage our first-hand industry experience to implement state-of-the-art payment solutions that will dramatically improve the customer experience and reduce your back office workload. Processing payments for the waste/recycling industry is very complex, with rules and regulations pertaining to merchant categories and rate structures. You need a processing partner who will help streamline your billing process to generate efficiency and increase profit margins.


Back Office Integration


Tiger's complete line of Processing Solutions may be simply integrated with any back-office software solution servicing the waste management industry. This seamless integration can streamline payment processing and posting, keeping banking and customer records accurate.